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Welcome to This site, brought to you by MuniServices, LLC An Avenu Insights & Analytics Company, provides helpful information to tax collectors and taxpayers regarding each public agency's utility users tax ordinance. If you have any questions regarding the utility users tax of a specific public agency, please contact the person listed on the City and County Contacts page.

As a courtesy to our client public agencies, we provide their ordinances, administrative rulings, remittance forms, and other tax related information on this website. You may be able to locate the UUT ordinances of non-client public agencies at their home websites, which may be found here .

Contact Information:
Utility Users Tax Compliance Department
Phone:   800.800.8181 x76509

Prepaid Wireless
For complete and current information relating to the rates, application and collection of local taxes on prepaid wireless, please go to the following Board of Equalization website: California Dept. of Tax & Fee Administration.

Disclaimer:  Please note that the UUT information provided on this "voluntary" website is based on information provided by individual public agencies to MuniServices, LLC An Avenu Insights & Analytics Company. Although such information is updated at least annually, MuniServices, LLC An Avenu Insights & Analytics Company, cannot guarantee the accuracy and timeliness of such UUT information. MuniServices, LLC An Avenu Insights & Analytics Company therefore, each specifically disclaims responsibility or liability for any damage that allegedly may result from any such inaccuracy.

Public agencies and tax remittance entities are strongly urged to periodically review and verify the accuracy of the information and promptly report any errors or changes to the MuniServices, An Avenu Insights & Analytics Company Utility Users Tax Compliance Department . Thank you for your cooperation!

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